Private Club 701 is a movement towards the future within one of the fastest-growing sectors of the past 30 years, which is the cannabis sector. We have demonstrable experience in this sector over the years, and therefore, we want to provide the benefit of our experience to the future holders of our collection.



The cannabis market in Spain has experienced significant growth in recent years, with a trend toward full legalization and an increase in the number of consumers. Approximately 12% of the population consumes cannabis on a regular basis, and there are around 2000 cannabis clubs in the country.

However, the average price of cannabis in these clubs is 15 euros per gram, and the quality is often quite poor. This high cost causes many consumers to continue to turn to the black market, where prices can be around €8 per gram. In addition, due to operational problems and lack of control in some clubs, some consumers are forced to consume potentially hazardous products for their health.

This is where our project seeks to solve this problem. We offer premium quality cannabis at a fair price of 5 euros per gram. Our products are grown with organic fertilizers and without pesticides, guaranteeing maximum quality and safety for the user.

Our objective is to become the preferred choice for consumers in any city in Spain, surpassing the black market. With an affordable price and exceptional quality, we can capture a large market share.


1- Physical cannabis product to claim at the club.
2- Exclusive edition cap.
3- Access to premium cannabis at an exceptional price of 5 euros per gram in Spain (the average price is 15 euros per gram).
4- Ownership and participation in the club, treasury, and its assets.
5- All kinds of rewards related to the sacred plant: CBD drops, therapeutic flowers, CBD creams to combat arthritis and fibromyalgia among many other rewards that we will continue to add to surprise our holders.
6- Tax information service.
7- Access to club business positions.
8- Membership in the exclusive investment club based in Madrid (future expansions), where we hold events, conferences, and monthly parties worldwide.
9- Access to a wide range of unique and exclusive products and services.
10- Use club ownership, such as real estate, cannabis clubs, vehicles, etc.
11- Free access to yoga for entrepreneurs.
12- NFTs can be rented and used as collateral.
13- Ability to participate in treasure hunts.

This work of digital art is the result of our collaboration with the El Chapo 701 brand, a collectible of a living legend by Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera. This is an official collab with El Chapo 701 brand, we are proud to have that opportunity and connect web2 and web3.



We are the first tokenized cannabis social club in the world; it will be the physical headquarters of the 701 private club, something never done before. A space in the real world where you can share your business ideas, enjoy and meet people with the same concerns. This club will be the first, the model will be replicated in different cities of the country and expansion will be simple, members will vote the next cities where the following clubs will be opened. The market is 1 billion euros per year and the goal is to become the reference in the sector. Due to our quality and price, we have no rival; not even the black market could compete with us.

We will revolutionize the world of real estate, offering a new housing model. Autonomous housing, without the need to pay for electricity, bills, taxes and so on. Houses that really belong to the owner cannot be confiscated since they are not in the legislative circuit.This new concept of decentralized housing will be an industry changer. These properties will be for sale, but before they go on the market, club members can enjoy them.

We have other projects related to the gaming sector and the music industry that we prefer to keep secret until they are finalized. More information coming soon.




New opportunities


All holders will be able to rent their NFT. This gives investors fantastic profits and brings extra value.

Due to the high demand for cannabis in Spain and Europe, it will be easy to rent the NFT, as the savings and benefits of renting are very important.

The top quality of our organically grown products and the price we offer make us the favorite choice of all consumers. See customer survey.


A client who smokes 3 or 4 joints a day, about 30 grams a month. In our club, it would cost 160 euros. In another club, it would cost 365 euros; you would save 205 euros per month, 2460 euros per year.

Customer who consumes 65 grams per month, in our club it would cost 335 euros. In another club it would cost him 785 euros a month, he would save 450 euros a month, 5400 a year.

A customer who consumes 130 grams per month, in our club would cost 660 euros. In another club, it would cost you 1565 euros per month; you would save 915 euros per month, 10980 euros per year.

A customer who consumes 200 grams per month, in our club would cost 1000 euros. In another club, it would cost you 2400 euros per month; you would save 1400 euros per month, 16800 euros per year.


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